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The Rogue Pakistani Nuclear Horn (Daniel 8:8)

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Posted on 4/05/2017 by Dailyexcelsior
Rajan Gandhi
Pakistan has a history of using terrorism as a state policy. Nearly every major terrorist attack in the world can be traced back to the territory of Pakistan in one way or the other. Either the terrorist is born there or trained there or has been radicalized there. A nation brainwashed in thinking they are superior and the protectors of a regressive, medieval notion of Islam, couple that with nuclear weapons and you have the most dangerous country in the world. Pakistan has stolen nuclear secrets and then smuggled them to other countries. From birth they have been taught that other religions are trying to kill Muslims by spreading and teaching false history and propaganda. The books don’t discuss the glorious civilizations of Mohenjo-Daro and the Indus Valley, according to their textbooks, the history of Pakistan begins with 871AD, as Islam enters the Indian subcontinent. The irony is that they have used the word ‘Pakistan’s Kingdom’ instead of Mogul’s. The books are so confusing that many of the countrymen call themselves as descendants of infamous barbarians Ahmed Shah Abdali, Bin Qasim, Mughals and Taymor Lung and make them believe that they have ruled India, Bangladesh and other countries for 1,000 years and they are here to rule.Thus Pakistan, once a cradle of civilization became a buffoon of pseudo-nationalists.
One of the most blatant lies propagated in Pakistan is the very idea of Pakistan. Islam or religion was never the reason behind the two-nation theory, but a medium infused later, to achieve the goals of various parties/personalities. The Partition was, in fact, a part and parcel of the thin skins of Jawaharlal Nehru and Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, an atheist, used Islam as a mere bargaining chip, keeping the idea of Pakistan vague. The British put together five ethnic groups that never before coexisted. The Bengalis were biggest,they outnumbered all the other four combined – the Punjabis, the Pashtuns, the Sindhis and the Baloch.Pakistan has been continuously and successfully perpetuating lies. First, they claim to have won all the wars against India.Four times there have been martial law in Pakistan. In 1971 they butchered thousand of Bengalis in West Pakistan which later became Bangladesh. Figures vary but it doesn’t deter the fact of the matter that widespread genocide took place. Rapists walked free; no one was ever tried for the war crimes. Courts were not allowed to revisit the basic question that led to the birth of Bangladesh – why Sheikh Mujibur Rahman – who later became the first prime minister of Bangladesh – despite having the majority wasn’t allowed to form the government in 1970? This led to the Partition of Pakistan in 1971. However, in Pakistani textbooks, there is hardly any mention of the brutal murders and rapes. In contrast, the books claim it was provoked by India because of the Hindu-Muslim divide. The books don’t mention the fact it was the Pakistani Air Force that launched a pre-emptive strike on eleven airfields in north-western India.
Stability comes from the identity – who you are? The tragedy of Pakistan is that the more one reads about the country, the more confused he or she becomes. This is precisely because of the blatant lies, spoken in media and purposely written in their textbooks. Precisely, like their strategic failures at wars, this too damaged the country’s image all around.People in Pakistan are not aware of the fact that it was Mahatma Gandhi, who entitled Jinnah by Quaid-e-Azam. The Pakistan army and so their federal government has been continuously selling the idea of ‘insecurity from India’ among their voters, giving defence the top most priority while relegating critical issues like education and health to the bottom. Blending the same with nationalism, they have continuously fooled the people for the last 70 years.India has not only been attacked by Pakistan four times, but by China too. India not only nurture its neighbors like Bangladesh, Nepal or Bhutan, but in the case of LTTE of Sri Lanka, India deployed its own army .Back in 1999, when Kargil War happened, such was the pseudo-nationalism of Pakistan’s army that they didn’t even come forward to claim the dead bodies of their own soldiers .Infact Pakistanis are never told about the defeat in 1948, 1965 or 1971 as well and the fact that it was Pakistan who attacked first in all the wars .
Pakistan’s geopolitical significance needs little explanation, sitting as it does between China, India ,Afghanistan and Iran. Apart from being a nuclear power, the country has an all-powerful army that is one of the world’s largest. And it is not just about al-Qaeda or Osama, but even masterminds like Abu Zubaydah (found in safe house in Faisalabad), Ramzi bin Al Shibh (key facilitator of 9/11, caught in Karachi) and Khalid Shaikh Mohammad (cornered in Rawalpindi) were all hunted down in Pakistan. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar was captured on February 8, 2010, from Karachi while so many more were captured in Quetta.When it comes to India, even the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), known for their terrorist attacks on Mumbai in 2008, are still active in Pakistan.Infact the Pakistan Army through its 12th Infantry Division aids and funds members of LeT and also provides fire cover during infiltration. In December 2001, the Indian Parliament was attacked by a well trained set of terrorists, funded by agencies within Pakistan. The July 2006 terror strikes in Mumbai local trains were executed by SIMI, Lashkar-e-Taiba and ISI. Even the July 2008 attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul, which killed 58, had ISI involvement. The icing was when Ajmal Kasab was captured alive in the November 2008 attack (which killed 130 people), that confirmed Pakistan’s complete involvement. Even after all this, Pakistan has maintained their hypocritical lip service towards handing over Dawood Ibrahim and terrorist leader Masood Azhar to India.
What can one expect from a country that brutally hangs its own PM or every soldier is made to swear by Quran that he will avenge defeats from India. Brutality is in their mindset and it’s no surprise the barbarian act they have indulged time and again by mutilating soldier bodies. India’s policy of extending a hand of friendship and accommodation has been a total failure. On the contrary, it has emboldened Pakistan into considering India to be a soft state and increased its intransigence and hardened its anti-India attitude. How to deal with an unreasonable and hostile neighbor continues to be a convoluted dilemma for India.All of this clearly indicates that Pakistan has outgrown into a real rogue nation and is increasingly becoming a threat to global security and India in particular. They are breeding the next generation terrorists, who will put at least few billions of population at risk. Time is not to do ninda, ghor ninda or kadee ninda but to act. “Beware the fury of a patient man.”

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