Tuesday, March 14, 2017

North Korea Prepares For Huge Nuclear Test

North Korea missile test against Japan
Days after the hermit kingdom carried out a powerful missile launch, Professors from America’s Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies, warned Pyongyang is now in the midst of preparing another nuclear test.Frank Pabian and David Coblentz claimed Kim Jong-un had ordered workers to “tunnel” underground channels so nuclear tests would have more support.
Their report published in 38 North – a website which monitors North Korean activity – and Mr Pabian and Mr Coblentz said: "We can expect an [intercontinental ballistic missile] test this year, with full capability within the next few years.”The two professors added: “The continued tunnelling under Mt. Mantap via the North Portal has the potential for allowing North Korea to support additional underground nuclear tests of significantly higher explosive yields, perhaps up to 282 kilotons (282000 tons).”
Joining the warnings, Dr Victor Cha, South Korea’s chair at the Washington-based Centre for Strategic and International Studies, said: “This is no longer about a lonely dictator crying for attention or demanding negotiations."This is now a military testing programme to acquire a proven capability.”
The news comes after Kim Jong-un vowed to retaliate the test drills South Korea and the US carried out in a bid to protect themselves against future North Korean attacks.North Korea’s news agency KCNA said: "Involved in the drill were Hwasong artillery units of the KPA Strategic Force tasked to strike the bases of the US imperialist aggressor forces in Japan in contingency.
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was forced to confirm the last attack
"In the hearts of artillerymen… there was burning desire to mercilessly retaliate against the warmongers going ahead with their joint war exercises."He (Kim) ordered the KPA Strategic Force to keep highly alert as required by the grim situation in which an actual war may break out any time, and get fully ready to promptly move, take positions and strike so that it can open fire to annihilate the enemies.”

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