Monday, March 13, 2017

Approaching The First Nuclear War (Revelation 8)

6:07 pm 12 Mar, 2017 
India aims to isolate Pakistan diplomatically. Ever since the Uri terror attacks, New Delhi has been making all efforts to corner Pakistan and expose its backing of terror outfits from its own soil.
“India’s public policy to ‘diplomatically isolate’ Pakistan, hinders any prospects for improved relations,” General Votel told the Senate Armed Services Committee.
According to the General, isolation attempts and military actions are “troubling as a significant conventional conflict between Pakistan and India could escalate into a nuclear exchange.”
Pakistan has around 130 nuclear warheads; 10 more than India’s. But while New Delhi has ratified the “no first use” policy, Islamabad continues to ignore it. And what is even more concerning is that Pakistan’s ruling establishment openly issues nuclear threats.
Pakistan’s defence minister Khwaja Muhammad Asif has issued such threats twice – first against India and then against Israel.
He said that though Pakistan has made a few moves, there has not been any permanent action against terrorist groups such as the Haqqani network “which poses the greatest threat” to US-led forces in Afghanistan.

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