Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Indian Point Still Not Ready For a Natural Disaster (Revelation 6:12)

On the heels of its quarterly siren test, which included sounding the horns at Indian Point at full volume last month, officials are set to conduct a new round of security training drills, this time with simulated gunfire.
Entergy will be conducting security training drills using weapons that simulate the real thing at night on Tuesday, Oct. 2 and Wednesday, Oct. 3. During the drills, people near the site may hear the sounds of gunfire as the training is carried out.
Officials said that they will be utilizing a technical innovation for the exercise known as “MILES” gear, or Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement Systems. Those systems use laser “bullets” and vests with laser-detection equipment, which duplicate the effects, including the sound of live ammunition. MILES gear is typically used for military and counter-terrorism training across the country to “make it as realistic as possible without using real bullets.”
Local law enforcement agencies have already been advised about the drills.

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